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Cancer nonprofit provides alternative methods to put ‘ease’ for those suffering from ‘disease’

Cancer is not a death sentence, according to a Signal Hill nonprofit organization that seeks to provide a network of support and healing for those affected by the disease.

Local resident Edouard Knighton is a living testament to the Cancer Concierge Network’s (CCN) mantra of using mind, body and spirit to lead to prosperity.

In an interview Dec. 28, Knighton, CCN’s director of fundraising, spoke to the Signal Tribune about his cancer diagnosis two years ago.

Nonprofit highlights retreat event, expresses gratitude to company for Christmas tree donation

The nonprofit Cancer Concierge Network, 1965 E. 21st St., told the Signal Tribune this week that it invites local cancer survivors to its monthly retreat meetings, the most recent iteration hosted Dec. 4. Edouard Knighton, member of the nonprofit, said the meetings feature complimentary treatments, such as massages and caregiving support, and guest speakers. “It exemplified the idea of connection, support and hope,” Knighton said of the meetings, adding that, “Just because you have a cancer diagnosis, it doesn’t mean you’re dead.” The next retreat is Jan. 12, 2019. Visit for more information or call (562) 342-6830. Pictured above, from left: Knighton; Shirley Brand; Erica Brand; Delores Gavles; Melane Washington; and Elizabeth Wise.

Offering Comfort to Cancer Patients

By Mia Taylor – March 6, 2008 – Bonita – After six months of chemotherapy and 35 rounds of radiation, Marilyn Arrieta’s visit to a Bonita spa was one of the lighter, more pleasant moments she has experienced in the past two years.

Cancer Concierge Network’s Wellness Center

According to founder and Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Wise, Cancer Concierge Network’s (“CCN”) Wellness Center is a 501(c)(3) that accepts directed donations, offers a monthly free “Victory” retreat and a wellness plan that provides guidance, education and refers those in search of health and wellness to mind, body and spirit holistic treatments before, during and after a health issue occurs.

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