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Cancer Concierge Network Wellness Retreat

Cancer Concierge Network will be hosting a COMPLIMENTARY Cancer “Victory” Wellness Retreat once a month. Anyone who had or is currently healing from cancer or any health trauma and their support person is invited to attend.  Please join us for a Retreat to be introduced, educated, and experience healing therapies for health and wellness.

You will receive:

  • Two Complimentary 30-minute treatments
  • Our Preferred Provider will teach you new ways of living a healthy balanced life.

Second Saturday of Every Month

  • Session 1:                    3:00 – 5:00pm
  • Education Speaker:       5:00 – 5:30pm
  • Session 2:                    5:30 – 7:00pm

Please call today and reserve your “Victory” Retreat at:

Give the Gift of Hope Retreat or Memoriam Retreat

Families and/or friends have an opportunity to sponsor a Give the Gift of Hope Spa-Wellness Retreat in honor of someone battling Cancer* or the surviving family.  This retreat is designed for the attendees who want to help someone or a family by attending and purchasing a gift certificate for yourself and/or for the beneficiary of this retreat. A percentage of the amount raised will be a direct donation for Retreat’s beneficiary.

Give the Gift of Hope by example:

Let us Relax, Refresh & Rejuvenate your Mind, Body & Spirit
A little… *Massage
A little… *Facial
A little… *Healing Touch

CCN or YOU can Design and Choose the services and providers for this Retreat.

CCN’s Wellness Concierge will provide a little health & wellness, as YOU provide the gift of support by attending and honoring the beneficiary of this Retreat by your Presence!

*any other health issue or trauma

Company Mini Retreat Program

CCN’s Pathway to Wellness program will motivate employees in both their work life and their personal life.  What employees learn about health and fitness at work can be practiced at home with their families and friends.  Employees and employers end up paying more for unhealthy habits, as said habits that cause illness tend to wind up with more doctors’ visits (and more copays and medical bills).

A happy and healthy worker is often a productive worker, which is good for business.  In today’s competitive world employees go through a lot of physical & mental stress as a result of which there is a need for a good Wellness program within the organization. The pros are healthy employees lead to lower medical, and insurance premiums while enhancing productivity and morale.

Studies indicate that about 25% of health-care costs are from illnesses and diseases that we can control by making the right choices. Costs can sometimes be managed if employees modify their behaviors—quit smoking tobacco, improve their diets, exercise, and balance their stress. Having regular tests and screenings to detect problems early, while they are easier and less expensive to treat.

Contact CNN to learn more about implementing CCN’s Pathway to Wellness Program.


Wellness Party Retreat

CCN Wellness Party Retreat Plan

(qualified party is $350.00)

5- INVITE Five Friends to your party.
5- SELL Five Gift Certificates before your party.
5- $500 Sales and 4 Bookings at your party.

$500 Free Wellness Products & Services

EMAIL: for more information regarding this SPA-Wellness Party.

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